Do you need some motivation to schedule your next dental cleaning at Trail West Family Dentistry in Greenville, South Carolina? Keep reading to find out why it’s so important to keep regular dental cleaning appointments.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Professional teeth cleanings are a preventative dental treatment used to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth. When you come to Trail West Family Dentistry for a dental cleaning, one of our friendly dental hygienists will carefully remove the buildup that has accumulated on your teeth and then give all your teeth a thorough polishing and flossing. If you opt for it, the hygienist will then apply a fluoride coating to help prevent cavities. If there is a noticeable problem, the hygienist will note it and let the dentist know so he can evaluate it during your exam.

Why Are Dental Cleaning Visits So Important?

Having a routine dental cleaning is important for many reasons, here are a few:

  • Brushing and flossing at home can remove most of the plaque on your teeth, but you are probably missing some places. When left in place, plaque can build up and eventually will turn into tartar. Having regular teeth cleanings is your opportunity to get all the plaque and tartar removed, so you know your teeth are clean and healthy.
  • If you only go to the dentist when you have a noticeable problem, you likely have to deal with a major dental issue, which could require expensive restorative procedures. Regular checkups allow the dentist to watch over your teeth. Catching dental problems in their earliest stages means you can get the easy fix instead of waiting for the issue to become more serious.  
  • If you don’t take good care of your teeth, you are at a higher risk of gum disease. Plaque buildup from insufficient oral hygiene is one of the primary causes of gum disease.
  • You increase the likelihood that you’ll keep your natural teeth longer. Maintaining a healthy smile prevents early tooth loss and other dental issues.
  • Make your smile more attractive. Dental cleanings also remove some built-up stains giving you a brighter smile!

Take Good Care of Your Teeth at Home

We highly encourage you to brush your teeth at least twice a day between your regular dental cleanings and floss once a day. Good oral hygiene habits pay off in healthier, more beautiful teeth. If you have questions about how you can improve your dental hygiene routine at home, we are always happy to give advice and make recommendations! 

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning at Trail West Family Dentistry

We invite you to schedule your appointment and enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. Our dental office in Greenville, South Carolina, serves patients of all ages. Experience high-quality dental care from our compassionate dental team.