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Did you know that tooth decay is one of the most common oral health problems that affect children and adults alike? It’s true. While using tobacco, taking certain medications, your diet, and your family history can make you more likely to develop cavities, not brushing or flossing your teeth every day can also lead to oral health problems, including tooth decay. If you do develop a cavity, composite fillings can help you restore the health and beauty of your smile. Here’s what you should know about how composite fillings could benefit you before scheduling an appointment with the experienced team at Trail West Family Dentistry.

Overview of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities. Cavities are tooth decay that permanently damages the structure of your teeth, causing tiny holes that eventually get bigger over time if left to their own devices. Cavities usually form as a result of bacteria and food debris that are left behind on the surface of your teeth and aren’t brushed or flossed away.

If you develop a cavity, it’s important to know that it won’t go away on its own. On the contrary, untreated tooth decay will progress and get worse over time, oftentimes causing other oral health problems or leading to a tooth extraction. Because of this, it’s best to visit your dentist right away if you think that you may have a cavity. 

Dental Cavity Treatment

The good news is that having a cavity filled is a quick, pain-free, affordable restorative dental treatment. If you need to have a cavity filled at Trail West Family Dentistry, here’s what you can expect to happen during your appointment:

  • The dentist will thoroughly numb the surrounding area of your mouth using a local anesthetic
  • Next, he will remove the decay from the inside of the tooth. If needed, he will also place a protective liner over the tooth’s root.
  • Once the inside of the cavity has been cleaned out, the dentist will fill the remaining hole with a tooth-colored, composite filling.
  • Finally, he will use a special light to help the composite filling harden quickly.

Does Having a Cavity Filled Hurt?

Sometimes, having a cavity can make your tooth feel sensitive or hurt, particularly when you eat cold foods or sweets. While this is true, having a cavity filled shouldn’t hurt at all. Our dental team will ensure you are comfortable and don’t feel any pain with the help of local anesthesia. 


How Long Does a Dental Cavity Treatment Take?

Having a cavity filled usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour. The length of your composite filling appointment will depend on how many cavities you need to have filled.


Can I Drive Myself Home After Having a Tooth Filled?

Because local anesthesia is the only numbing agent that will be necessary to use during your dental filling procedure, it is safe for you to drive yourself home after having your tooth filled.

Composite Filling Cost

The cost of your dental filling will depend on your dental insurance plan. Please contact our family dentist in Greenville to learn more about your dental insurance coverage.

Trail West Family Dentistry: The Best Choice for Having a Dental Filling

Maintaining a healthy smile for life is so important. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, pain, or discoloration, you may have a cavity. The best way to keep your teeth healthy and strong is to visit the dentist twice a year for routine dental check-ups and professional cleanings. The trusted team at Trail West Family Dentistry is eager to help your whole family stay cavity-free! Contact us today to schedule your six-month exam and cleaning.