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Preventative Dentistry at Trail West Family Dentistry


Preventive dentistry is integral to your oral and overall health. It helps prevent oral problems like tooth decay and gum disease, saves you time, money, and potential discomfort by avoiding severe dental conditions, and helps you maintain your natural smile. Preventative or preventive dentistry is an umbrella term that describes the many family dental services used to treat tooth decay and other dental diseases in their earliest stages.

At Trail West Family Dentistry, we provide preventive and diagnostic dental services in Greenville, SC, to help our patients avoid developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral diseases. Our goal is to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible while helping you avoid tooth loss. Our talented dentist, Dr. Phillip D. Gould, and our amazing dental team will ensure you receive exceptional and individualized complete dental care to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Preventative Dental Services Offered at Trail West

We provide a full range of preventive dental services that include: 

  •  Exams: During a regular dental exam, Dr. Phillip D. Gould will perform an oral exam of your mouth, teeth, and gums to check for signs of cavities or gum disease, abnormal tooth wear, problems with alignment, soft tissue diseases (such as oral cancers), and more. 
  •  Cleanings: It is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Our dental team will gently brush your teeth using gritty toothpaste and a high-powered brush, then give you an expert flossing to remove any plaque or tartar between your teeth and on the gum line. We will also polish your teeth to ensure you go home with a bright smile. 
  •   X- Rays: We use dental x-rays to capture images of the inside of your teeth and gums, so we can identify problems that can’t be seen during an oral exam, such as impacted teeth and cavities. 
  •  Sealants: These are thin coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars) to protect them from cavities. Sealants form a protective shield on your molars to block out germs and food.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride helps strengthen your teeth and makes them more resistant to decay. It can even reverse tiny cavities that are beginning to form. We can apply fluoride treatments as a gel, foam, or varnish. The procedure is quick and easy, and we typically perform it during a regular dental visit.

At-Home Preventative Dental Care

It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy in between your dentist appointments for complete dental care. At Trail West, we recommend the following at-home dental care:

  •  Brushing: Brush your teeth at least two times a day—usually morning and night—using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. This helps to remove food and debris and prevent cavities and plaque buildup. Remember to brush your tongue to remove bacteria from your mouth and also help freshen your breath. You should also change out your brush three to four times per year or as the bristles start to fray.
  •   Flossing: Brushing alone only cleans up to about 60 percent of the surface of your teeth. So be sure to floss daily with interdental brushes or floss to remove food particles in between your teeth.
  • Mouth wash: We recommend using fluoride mouthwash after brushing and flossing to remove any residual debris. The fluoride in the mouthwash will strengthen your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. 

Cost of Preventive Dental Care

The cost of preventive dental services varies depending on the type of procedure you need. Luckily, most dental plans cover preventative dentistry services because of the critical role it plays in overall oral health. If you have any questions regarding your dental plan, our helpful staff at Trail West can help.

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dental care provides the following benefits to your oral health:

  • Lowers risk for periodontal disease, tooth decay, receding gums, tooth sensitivity, tooth loss, gingivitis, and other oral health problems
  • Helps promote good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing
  • Preventative dentistry can save you money by eliminating the need for costly restorative procedures like root canals
  • Allows for early identification of dental problems when they are still easily treatable

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With preventive dentistry, you can prevent and stop many dental problems in their early stages before they can cause you pain and discomfort. If you need an experienced and compassionate dentist in Greenville, SC, contact us today to schedule an appointment!