Invisalign and other clear aligners are popular alternatives to traditional braces. Still, many patients might be a good fit for having picked up misconceptions that may reduce their interest in this option. Here is an overview of how clear aligners work, why they might be a good choice for you, and why many of the misconceptions you may have about this type of treatment are inaccurate!

What Are Clear Aligners? 

Clear aligners are nearly invisible alternatives to traditional metal braces that make straightening teeth significantly easier for many patients. These smooth plastic trays completely cover your teeth, and they are removable instead of permanently attached to your teeth throughout your treatment. 

How Do Clear Aligners Work? 

Clear aligners consist of several dozen trays that straighten your teeth by gradually nudging them into the next position. Each tray is worn for approximately 1-2 weeks for approximately 22 hours daily.

What Are the Main Misconceptions About Clear Aligners? 

Here are several of the most common misconceptions about clear aligners and why they might be a good choice for you:

  • Only Work for Minor Repairs: A very small percentage of the most extreme orthodontic treatment cases may require traditional braces, but this is rare. Clear aligners will work just as well for most alignment issues, including those far from minor. 
  • No Involvement With Your Dentist: Some of the newest brands of clear aligners that are becoming popular on social media are mostly DIY method for straightening your teeth that comes with little to no professional supervision. Still, we do not recommend taking this approach. Invisalign treatment and other established, reputable brands of clear aligners must be managed regularly by your dentist or orthodontist to ensure your treatment is progressing correctly, much like traditional braces. 
  • Only Appropriate for Adults: Invisalign and other clear aligners may have originally been used mostly by adults, but they have since become a popular choice for all ages. Many teens are fans of this more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces and can get comparable results if they are responsible enough to use them correctly. 
  • Take Longer Than Braces: Although every situation is different, many patients need to wear clear aligners for less time than they would need for traditional braces. Some especially complex treatments may take longer if done with clear aligners, but this is generally not the case.
  •  Comes With Food and Drink Restrictions: Because you remove your clear aligner to eat, there are no restrictions on the foods you can enjoy during your treatment. You can sip many drinks with your aligners as long as you use a straw to minimize the amount of contact they have with your aligners, although you should remove your aligners to drink hot beverages that may warp your trays.
  • Can Cause the Tongue to Slip: Most people do not experience any long-term problems speaking linked to the slippery surface of clear aligners. Although having them in your mouth does frequently come with a short adjustment period, your tongue will quickly adapt to the slightly different feel of quickly tapping against your tooth. 

Why Are Clear Aligners a Good Choice? 

Clear aligners can be an excellent alternative to traditional braces for most patients for several reasons. 

  • Convenience: Removable aligners eliminate many inconveniences associated with traditional braces because you generally do not need to wear them while eating, playing sports, playing a musical instrument, or brushing your teeth. 
  • Timeline: Many patients can complete their clear aligner treatment in as little as 12-18 months, often less than the time the same person might need to wear traditional braces.
  •  Comfort: Clear aligners are often much more comfortable for your lips and gums because they do not have any metal wires or brackets to get in the way.
  •  Less Visible: Clear aligners are a much more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces, and they are a barely noticeable way to straighten your teeth. 
  • Less Impact on Oral Hygiene: Because clear aligners are removed to brush and floss your teeth, you will not experience problems cleaning your teeth properly like traditional braces. 

Choose Trail West Family Dentistry for Quality Clear Aligners in Greenville, SC 

Clear plastic aligners give you the desired results for a perfect smile. Our experienced orthodontist ensures treatment options that will give you the desired position toward a more healthy and happy smile. If you have severe pain, problems with a traditional method, want a shorter duration of treatment or have complex tooth corrections, then a set of clear aligners could be the right choice for you.  As a popular treatment choice, clear braces have a great way of making people smile. At Trail West Family Dentistry, we want the best for your oral health. Let us give you a reason to smile again! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.